Pop-up Window Shows Up on Macintosh Running Safari

An popup window appeared on a Macintosh computer running Safari while visiting the website.

The window popped up while Safari was set to block pop up windows.

The following programs are similar and make false claims about fixing a computer:

WinFixer, WinAntiVirus, WinAntiVirusPro, ErrorSafe, SystemDoctor, WinAntiSpyware, AVsystemcare, WinAntiSpy, and DriveCleaner are identical or similar computer programs available only for Microsoft Windows that claim to repair computer system problems, but do not actually do so. They are sometimes installed without the user’s consent, perhaps by a Sun Java exploit. They display false information about the user’s computer, confusing the user into believing their PC is infected with viruses, spyware and/or other forms of malware. The adverts pop up a display with notifications to convince the user that something may be amiss with the computer, or run a fake diagnostic.

The program repeatedly prompts the user to purchase a licensed copy of the program. Computers infected with this trojan also exhibit sluggish performance. Due to these problems, WinFixer and its sister applications are generally considered scareware spyware, through misleading popups and forced downloads.

WinFixer claims it “is a useful utility to scan and fix any system, registry and hard drive errors. It ensures system stability and performance, frees wasted hard drive space and recovers damaged Word, Excel, music and video files”, but WinFixer has never been shown to do such things.

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