Backhoe Operator Hits Power Line on Wilke

A backhoe operator severed an overhead power line, which fell in a wet trench and electrocuted a construction worker. The accident occurred on the Wilke Road curve, just south of Palatine Road near the Route 53 overpass. The worker was transported to Northwest Community Hospital. UPDATE …

Charring at the joint of the articulated arm of a backhoe that hit an overhead powerline Tuesday.

At the scene it appeared the backhoe hit the overhead line at the joint of the articulated arm of the backhoe because charring was visible at the joint. The power line was severed. On the north side the severed line was arcing on the ground and pole. On the south side the severed line was draped over a backyard fence of a residence on Wilke Road.

Severed line on the north side of the scene, charring the ground and pole (left) and a severed line on the south (right) draped over the fence of a nearby residence about 30 yards from the power line contact.

Charred pole and ground just north of the scene where a backhoe operator struck an overhead powerline.

Trucks and operators from Swallow Water and Sewer of Downers Grove were the apparent construction crews and equipment working at the construction site.

— mb