Airplane Banner, Plane Flies to Advertise 12 Oaks Condo Sales Over Woodfield Mall

Look it’s that plane again! Flying over Woodfield. 12 Oaks what?

For the past year, 12 Oaks developer Michael Sparks has commissioned a small plane at about $3000 per week to fly over the Woodfield Mall and Northwest Tollway area three days per week pulling a banner that advertises his Schaumburg townhomes.

The plane — towing a large banner — flies over the mall and surrounding highways on Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons during good flying weather and good visibility days. Last year, the day after Thanksgiving, responses to the plane’s flyovers reached 50 phone calls that resulted in 15 property visits.

An earlier air marketing campaign that flew over the Arlington Park racecourse region generated zero leads, but the latest campaign over Woodfield Shopping Mall in Schaumburg has helped about 400 sales of townhomes.

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