7-Eleven Armed Robbery Attempt Foiled by Civilian Attack VIDEO

Armed robbery captured by security camera.

An armed robber cannot penetrate the cashier area and is caught on security camera at a 7-11 store. While the robber is attempting to penetrate the area where the cash is stored, a civilian arrives and starts his attack of the robber with a single running front kick to the chest and upper abdomen. The civilian then proceeds to attack the robbers face with punches while both are standing. The civilian defender then takes the robber down with a head lock and kick and trip to the robber’s legs. He then appears to forcibly injure the robber’s wrist and/or elbow with a hold or twist. Then while pinning the robber down and sitting on him he repeatedly punches the robber in the face. At one point he picks up the robber and does a body slam to the ground. The civilian then kicks the prone and side-lying robber in the chest, abdomen and head while standing over him.