Ultrasound Heart Images Viewable on an iPhone

Heart Imaging Technologies (HeartIT.com) has announced a medical imaging

service that allows physicians to click on a Web link sent via email and

enter a password to instantly view movies of a patient’s beating heart

[http://www.heartit.com/] on an Apple iPhone.

WebPAX® is HeartIT’s scalable solution

[http://www.heartit.com/scalability.html] for image management. WebPAX®

eliminates the need for expensive workstations by using HeartIT’s

patented processes [http://www.heartit.com/patent.html] to integrate the

data [http://www.heartit.com/webpax-integration.html] from

DICOM-compliant imaging devices into a single system based entirely on

World Wide Web [http://www.w3.org/Consortium/] (WWW) standards. The

images are viewable on desktop computers, laptop or notebook computers

and not the Apple iPhone.

WebPAX® by HeartIT™ also uses high performance UNIX web servers

by Apple Computer [http://www.apple.com/xserve/] for medical imaging



See more information …

http://www.heartit.com [http://www.heartit.com/]

— mb