Thefts from Autos Thwarted by Resident in Arlington Heights

Four males from Palatine in their late teens got a surprise while they were stealing items from cars and vans parked outside in the area of Douglas Avenue and Maude Avenue [MAP/SAT] and surrounding blocks. A resident noticed four males going car-to-car in the neighborhood checking for unlocked doors and stealing items in unlocked cars between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. early Monday morning. The resident called the police and chased the four males down the street until police arrived. The resident did not catch the thieves himself, but the Arlington Heights police officers were able to set up a search perimeter and call for backup from Buffalo Grove Police Department and Schaumburg Police Department squads with search dogs.

During pursuit by the resident, one of the males dropped an item, which was enough for the police dogs to pick up the scent and find three of the four suspects in backyards. One suspect got away, but three were arrested, very early Monday morning. Stolen items were also recovered.