From the UK’s Daily Mail: Gadgets Are Driving Us Mad

They have invaded every corner of our existence, promising a technological utopia of carefree living.

But gadgets, it would appear, have also delivered a hi-tech hell.

From sat-navs to security lights, mobile phones to printers, they bemuse, befuddle and annoy, driving the most passive of users into a rage. Read it here …

List of the Scouges of the 21st Century:
Speed Camera                     Interactive TV
Ball Mouse                       Printers
Security Lights                  Automated Phone Menus
Alarm Clock                      Digital Rights Mgmt(DRM)
Mobile phone speakers            Novelty doorbells
Badly fitting headphones         Vehicle Reverse Alerts
Sat-Nav                          Car Alarms
Automated telemarketing calls    Predictive text

7/12/2007 Daily MailMost-hated gadgets are driving us to distraction’