Craig Stebic Named ‘Person of Interest’ in Lisa Stebic Case

Plainfield Police Chief Donald Bennett announced at a news conference that authorities fear that Lisa Stebic has been a victim of foul play. Police have narrowed the focus of their investigation and “now consider Craig Stebic to be a person of interest in the case,” Bennett said.

He added …

“Police have logged thousands of hours in this investigation and have pursued every viable lead,” Bennett said. “Unfortunately, Mr. Stebic had denied investigators the crucial opportunity to conduct a thorough, in-person interview with his children.”

Bennett said the children were among the last people to see their mother before she disappeared April 30, and said authorities believe they may have “valuable information that will assist in the investigation.”

The day Lisa Stebic disappeared, she had mailed off a petition seeking to remove her husband from their home. In the divorce case, she had accused him of being “unnecessarily relentless, cruel, inconsiderate, domineering and verbally abusive.”

This comes less than one week after former NBC5 Chicago reporter Amy Jacobson was fired for meeting with Craig Stebic at his home with her two children, wearing a bikini and towel. The incident was captured on videotape and an unnamed source delivered the tape to CBS2 Chicago. In follow-up interviews, Amy Jacobson said she was devastated by her dismissal, but mentioned that she discovered some interesting facts from her visit.