Covering Lisa Stebic Case, Channel 5 Reporter Amy Jacobson Gets Fired After Bikini Meeting with Stebic’s Husband Is Caught on Video

Left to right: Amy Jacobson PR photo, career-ending move, Craig Stebic, and missing Lisa Stebic.

Amy Jacobson, NBC TV, Chicago – General Assignment Reporter has been fired after a videotape was aired by rival television news station CBS2 Chicago showing her in a compromising position — being in a bikini at the home of a shirtless Craig Stebic. Jacobson said she was called on her day off by Craig Stebic’s sister, Jill, who invited her to the southwest suburban Plainfield home to discuss the case. Jill was also present at the Stebic home with her children. Amy Jacobson was on her way to the East Bank Club pool with her two young children when she diverted to the Stebic home — still with her children.

Hersey High School graduate Amy Jacobson was fired about one week after she was videotaped in a bathing suit near the pool. Amy Jacobson’s two children were at the Stebic home, but were not shown on tape because the tape was edited to pixelate the images of the children to protect their identity. The videotape was offered to CBS 2 Chicago by an unnamed source. The tape was not aired or published on the CBS 2 Chicago website until newspaper reports of the incident appeared in the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times.

A six-minute video shot Friday, aired Tuesday morning, and posted on the CBS 2 Chicago website a little later, showed Jacobson wearing a bikini top and towel near the pool at Craig Stebic’s suburban Plainfield home. According to Amy Jacobson, the tape editing did not show other times when she was in discussion with Craig Stebic. She claims the editing made the situation look worse than reality.

Amy Jacobson graduated from John Hersey High School in the 1980’s and later graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Iowa in broadcasting and film. Her TV career has included stints in Minnesota, Iowa, Texas, Arizona, Michigan and finally in 1996 she joined Channel 5 NBC in Chicago. She is one of the most respected reporters in the area and has been a featured reporter on the Today Show and has appeared on stories picked up by the NBC network.

Lisa Stebic, has been missing since April 30. Craig and Lisa Stebic, who have two children, were in the midst of a divorce.

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