Advocate For Tort Reform Sues For Punitive Damages

Judge Robert Bork, one-time U.S. Supreme Court nominee and a leading advocate in the tort reform movement who has pushed to limit plaintiff damages on numerous occasions, has filed suit against the Yale Club of New York City after he tripped and fell. Judge Robert Bork filed the lawsuit about one year after he tripped and fell at the Yale Club just prior to giving a scheduled speech. According to the complaint, Bork’s injuries required surgery, immobilized him for months, forced him to use a cane, and left him with a limp. Bork claims the Yale Club failed to provide any steps or handrail between the floor and the dais. Bork is seeking $1 million in compensatory damages, plus punitive damages.

Punitive damages are usually sought when willful, wanton and reckless behavior on the part of the defendant is evident.

Judge Robert Bork has been particularly passionate in arguing against awards of punitive damages to injured plaintiffs.