How Well Does the Apple iPhone Keyboard Work?

Apple had posted a video on how to use the keyboard on an Apple iPhone …

Apple – iPhone Keyboard

The Apple iPhone keyboard is unique because it is not a physical keyboard, but the iPhone keyboard integrated with the Apple iPhone touch screen. Detailed design elements involve a change in functionality according to the user’s needs with the iPhone that assist with accuracy and efficiency. Advanced technology helps correct and prevent mistyped words and constantly analyzes keystrokes (using an entire English dictionary) to suggest words as the user types. To accept a word, the user presses the spacebar. To reject a word, the user clicks on the suggested word. The iPhone also learns the words you use most often and adapts its keys and keyboard layout to different applications.

Interesting features include:
A magnifying glass in the display interface helps pinpoint placement of the cursor in text.
Dynamic type zones change according to keystrokes of words being typed as they are compared to the built-in dictionary. Predicted keys get enlarged type zones and other keys get smaller type zones.

When typing a URL in Safari, the keyboard changes to eliminate the spacebar, since no spaces are typed in the URL. Replacing the spacebar are larger keys for the forward slash “/,” the period or “dot” and the character phrase “.com.”