Apple Macintosh Safari Browser Is Now Available on Windows

Macintosh users may find some frustration when using Safari on Windows, as the customization and extensibility options for Safari on Windows are currently much lower than they are on the Mac, but the nice, clean and responsive interface of Safari is nice to see running on a Macintosh.

Adding tabs is easier on Safari than on Firefox. If you want a fast, sporty browser on your Windows machine, go ahead an follow the easy installation of Safari on a Windows system.

Safari also has private browsing, which when turned on makes sure that no cookies or history information is stored while browsing.

One major bug reported by Thor Larholm is execution vulnerability. Safari does not properly validate the input when these same requests are handled through IFRAME elements. According to Larholm, that will give an attacker everything he or she needs to go after “the entire range of available URL protocol handlers on the Windows platform.” That would include telnet or callto protocols, through which an attacker could pass, unfiltered, any commands.

But, considering the browser is in beta, some of these type of bugs are to be expected.

To download Safari, go to