YouTube Video Accuses Chase Bank of Careless, Insecure Document Handling in Trash

Identity theft risk? Video claims customer documents in trash are from Chase Bank branches in New York (

A video on YouTube shows a person with gloves rummaging through garbage bags and showing apparent documents outside of Chase Bank branches at three locations in New York City near Central Park.

Lexington Ave and 69th St. [MAP/SAT]
1st Ave. and 72nd St. [MAP/SAT]
Madison Ave. and 86th St. [MAP/SAT]

The video report claims that customers’ names, dates of birth, social security numbers, phone numbers, addresses, and account numbers were all found in publicly accessible trash left out at the curb. While the video may be credible, it does not actually show the trash being taken out by someone from inside the bank. Expect an investigation to determine if the allegations of customer exposure to identity theft are true.

Skeptical minds will wonder if this is a setup to hurt Chase (for revenge, political gain or business gain) or to gain personal fame and possibly some other type of reward. Service Employees International Union or SEIU is fighting the banking giant over its use of non-union security employees. Whether the video report is true or not, expect that document handling at Chase is under scrutiny and is now more secure than ever.

The video author ( encourages people to call Chase at (312) 732-7007 to tell them not to trash your identity.

More information: is a site hosted by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), wholly independent of JPMorgan Chase

SEIU (official site) is a union organization of more than 1.8 million members involved in hospital systems, long term care, public services, property services.