Josh Hancock Killed in DUI Accident with Parked Tow Truck on Interstate 64

St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Josh Hancock was killed instantly from head injuries while he was driving under the influence of alcohol and talking on his cell phone. Marijuana was found in the rented Ford Explorer he was driving. Josh Hancock’s blood-alcohol level was 0.157, almost twice Missouri’s legal limit of 0.08

Medical examiner Michael Graham said at a news conference Friday that the 29-year-old reliever was dead “within seconds” from head injuries in the crash early Sunday on westbound Interstate 64 near the Forest Park exit in west St. Louis [MAP/SAT]. His vehicle hit the back of a tow truck parked on the highway to clear a previous accident.

Hancock was on his cell phone for two to three minutes with a young woman, Brooke N. Rollberg, who was calling to ask for tickets to Sunday’s game. The call ended abruptly Sunday, April 29, 2007 at 12:41 a.m.

KMOV-TV surveillance video along Interstate 64 shows accident impact at 00:41:27 CDT or 01:14/03:50 elapsed on clip or 02:36 remaining on clip (mightygringo85).