INCREDIBLE TORNADO VIDEO SHOWN ON CNN! Ellis County Oklahoma on May 4, 2007

Reed Timmer and Joel Taylor have done it again and they have topped themselves. The tornado scientists have shot this incredible video of a violent tornado from within 50 yards in Ellis County Oklahoma [MAP/SAT]! Watch them pop their vehicle into reverse at the last second to avoid contact with the tornado.

Debris is clearly seen swirling around the tornado with trees twisting in the high winds. Excellent audio also picks up the sound of the passing tornado. The tornado scientists report that their cell phone fell out on the road and was sucked up by the tornado!

Their video was top news on CNN Saturday night and got front page web placement on CNN as well. On television, CNN framed it with their logo and the announcers were talking over the audio, which really took away from the presentation and hard work these guys put out. The CNN web version appeared to be HD/16:9 and did not have the logo framing nor the announcer interference.

YouTube: TornadoVideosdotnet