Griffith Park Fire Video, Flare Up

Fire video of Griffith Park fire with audio from firefighting radio frequency (karldotcom).

Griffith Park fire video shows flare up on hillside and includes audio from radio frequency for firefighters (karldotcom).

A wildfire roared across brush-covered hills near Los Angeles city’s  Griffith Park Tuesday, May 8th.  Evacuations of homes on the southern edge of the hills and some of the city’s most famous landmarks, were necessary. Rangers evacuated the park’s Vermont Canyon area, which includes the Los Angeles Zoo, two golf facilities, a merry-go-round and school,

Winds near the fireground were picking up and changing direction. Some evacuations were mandatory and some evacuations were voluntary.

The Griffith Park fire roared across ridges and jumped fire lines late in the evening as the fire cut electric power lines and approached homes and the Griffith Observatory. Firefighters continued to fight the fire with dangerous night helicopter flights with water drops. 

Griffith Park [MAP/SAT] is a wilderness area with a view of Los Angeles that includes cultural and science venues, horse and hiking trails and recreational facilities on more than 4,000 acres on the hills between Hollywood and the San Fernando Valley. The famous Hollywood sign is also near Griffith Park [MAP/SAT/SAT2].

A view of Griffith Park fire from Los Feliz Boulevard near Commonwealth [MAP/SAT] (xenijardin).

Griffith fire video from a resident south of the fire ground (bigal90027).

Helicopters picking up water to fight Griffith Park fire from Silver Lake [MAP/SAT] (factoidlabs).

A previous fire at Griffith Park killed at least 52 people in October, 1933 … more on the Griffith Park Fire of 1933 on LAFIRE.COM