The Great Global Warming Swindle

Global Warming danger from man-made carbon dioxide emissions: Is it science or politics?

“Man-made global warming is no longer just a theory about climate,  it is the defining moral and political cause of our age” — the presentation argues that climate change is normal and there is no scientific proof that man-made carbon dioxide emissions (or natural carbon dioxide emissions) are linked to global warming.

Interesting facts and theories presented:
FACT:  Sun activity is directly related to warmer temperatures.

THEORY: Solar winds that result when the sun is active deflect cosmic particles from reaching the earth. Cosmic particles make clouds. When the cosmic particles don’t reach the earth, not as much cloud formation occurs and more direct sunlight increases the temperature of the earth.

FACT: Former Vice President Al Gore says that when carbon dioxide increases, temperature increases. But scientists in this presentation say that carbon dioxide increases lag temperaure increases by up to 800 years. They are related, but temperature change is first.

FACT: Warmer oceans can’t hold as much dissolved carbon dioxide.
Colder oceans are able to hold more carbon dioxide.
When oceans are heated, they slowly spew more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Cooler oceans ‘suck in’ more carbon dioxide.

THEORY: So if anything, ‘temperature controls carbon dioxide levels’ not ‘carbon dioxide increase causes global warming.’

FACT: In the 1970’s we were warned that an ice age was coming.

FACT: Carbon dioxide is a very small percentage of greenhouse gases. Water vapor is the most important greenhouse gas.