Mercedes Hits Tree at Pine and Hawthorne

A one-car accident involved a Mercedes C32 that crashed into a large elm tree in a yard on the south side of the intersection of Pine Avenue and Hawthorne Street [MAP/SAT] in Arlington Heights about 9:30 p.m Saturday night.

Tire tracks on the lawn were apparently from southbound Pine Avenue in the yard that interrupts southbound Pine Avenue at Hawthorne Street. The Mercedes had severe front end damage, traveling about 30 yards across the lawn into a large tree, which also suffered serious damage. It appears either the driver was driving too fast to make a left turn to eastbound Hawthorne or the driver did not realize that Pine Avenue ended at Hawthorne. The accident is under investigation by the Arlington Heights Police Department.

One male was arrested at the accident scene.

It is unknown if there were injuries from the accident.