M-1 — Are Rappers Who Criticize Don Imus Hypocrites?

On FOXNEWS Neil Cavuto interviewed rapper M-1 and asked him the question of hypocrisy comparing the firing of Don Imus and the plethora of rap lyrics that use the word ‘ho’ and other words that are derogatory towards women.

Neil Cavuto:  M-1, I know that this is not your parent company, but NBC Universal owns Interscope Records, which has, under its employ, a lot of rap artists who routinely say stuff like you’ve just said and worse. And, NBC is OK with that, not OK with Don Imus making an errant comment. Do you find that, just as an artist, hypocritical?

M-1: No, I don’t find it hypocritical mainly because of our relationship to the system — our relationship with our oppressor. Once again, with personal responsibility taken at hand here, we’re talking about rappers who are coerced to say things other than what the reality of our community is and Mr. Imus, who obviously has said sentiments that come from his personal beliefs. I think you are comparing apples and oranges here even when you bring the rap community into the question.

Sounds like fundamental attribution error. See it defined, click here.