Hypocrite Hall of Fame

To give some of these people credit, a person has a right to change their mind. Quotes taken with a long time interval in between statements could be excused, but simultaneous attacks and behavior would just have to be classified as hypocrisy.

Jim Bakker — televangelist who preached a gospel of prosperity, but was destroyed by a sex scandal which alledged he drugged and raped Jessica Hahm while she was a 21-year-old secretary. Later he was indicted on federal charges of fraud, tax evasion, and racketeering. He was convicted of fraud in 1989.

Jesse Jackson — pushed for Don Imus firing for calling respectable college woman basketball players ‘nappy-headed ho’s’ after he used the term ‘hymies’ to describe Jews.

Thomas Jefferson — author of the Declaration of Independence who owned slaves.

Jimmy Swaggart – minister who condemned sinners spent quality time with prostitutes himself.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION … more to come.