Firefighter Divers Called for Vehicle Recovery from Pond

Long Grove firefighters and mutual aid firefighters plan their recovery operations for a vehicle submerged in a pond.

A fire department diver describes the view of the vehicle underwater and that a primary search does not reveal a victim.

A pickup truck rolled into a pond at Arbor Lakes Apartments about 6:30
a.m. Saturday morning. Firefighters from Long Grove, Buffalo Grove,
Palatine Rural, Lincolnshire-Riverwoods and Arlington Heights responded
to the 2200 block of West Nichols in unincorporated Arlington Heights [MAP/SAT].

Divers searched to make sure the vehicle had no passengers. The white
pickup truck was totally submerged underwater. Another group of divers
hooked the recovery line from a tow truck to the vehicle. The vehicle
was then pulled from the pond by A-Express Towing & Recovery.

No injuries were reported. The original call claimed a person was in the car. But officials on the scene were told there was no person remaining in the vehicle. Fire department divers search the vehicle to confirm the on-scene reports.

— mb