Fire Call Season 2-8 from Sioux Falls South Dakota

Fire Call is an informative presentation from the Sioux Falls Fire Department in South Dakota. The video presents information about the design and use of a city fire station, the difference between a Quint and a Fire Engine, what’s in a Command Vehicle, and how does water get pumped from the fire hydrant to the fire. The pressure from the hydrant is about 80-100 psi and the fire engine takes the pressure up by speeding up the engine.

Two common ways to get water on the fire:

An inch and three-qurter hose is often used as a crosslay where a firefighter can quickly take a hose off the side of the fire engine and spray a nozzle on the fire.

Deck Gun
A deck gun uses a straight stream like a giant garden hose nozzle and can go 1500 gallons per minute — that’s about 60 bathtubs per minute!

Narrated by Sioux Falls Fire Department Division Chief Jim Sideras