Video of Texas Tornado Part of Tornado Outbreak in Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado and More

Tornado video north of Silverton, Texas on March 28, 2007 (from TornadoVideosdotnet).

Death count of four from tornadoes in Texas, Colorado and Oklahoma after a tornado outbreak of 65 tornados occurred in six states Wednesday night. More damage from the storms could be discovered.

Two people died in rural Oklahoma neighborhood near Elmwood when their house was demolished.  The married couple who lived in the house was found in an open field near their  destroyed house. The husband was still alive, but died right after he was found.

One woman was killed in Holly, Colorado after she was blown into a tree and found entangled in the tree with her children. Her children were injured.

An oil field worker was killed near Amarillo, Texas when a tornado struck his trailer.

Dundy and Perkins counties in Nebraska reported heavy damage.

States reporting tornados included Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska and Texas, Oklahoma and Colorado.

Most tornadoes were in a straight north-south line along the Kansas-Nebraska border.

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Large tornado in Texas panhandle video (mickeyptak)