Tony LaRussa DUI, Slightly Over the Limit, But Asleep at the Wheel in Intersection

Tony LaRussa, 62, manager of the reigning World Series 2006 Champion St. Louis Cardinals, was arrested early this morning for drunk driving in Jupiter, Florida, at 12:26 a.m. March 22, 2007.

LaRussa was found by a Jupiter Police Department officer slumped and sleeping at the wheel of a Ford SUV that had stopped in a traffic intersection of Military Trail and Frederick Small Rd [MAP/SAT] around midnight. Police said when they approached the SUV, the vehicle was in drive, and La Russa’s foot was on the brake pedal. After repeated knocks at the window, LaRussa awoke. LaRussa stumbled with the alphabet after the letter ‘n.’ The officer observed LaRussa’s eyes to be glassy, and his speech slurred with the odor of alcohol on his breath. Breathalyzer tests administered at the Palm Beach County Jail detected LaRussa’s blood alcohol content to be .093. Florida’s legal limit is .08.