Preventing Crimes to Your Vehicle

Attempts to keep your vehicle safe when you are not in the vehicle can deter criminal acts against your car, truck or van. Consider these steps to vehicle safety:

Always lock your car.
Always close the windows of your car.

Park your car in a well-lit area, where it can be easily and frequently viewed.
(Even use an area where others have your car in plain view when you are not nearby.)

Use a garage if available.

Do not leave, or hide a spare ignition key in the car.

Remove all items of value from plain view.  Purses, wallets, iPods and other mp3 players, GPS navigational systems, cell phones, radar detectors, stereo face plates and laptop computers are attractive targets. If your car is not in plain view, but your valuables are in plain view, thieves are more likely to simply break a window, grab and go … it only takes seconds.

Do not leave a title or other important papers in a car.

Consider installing a car alarm or purchase a car that has a car alarm factory installed.
Always remember to activate the alarm. The best car alarm systems give an indication that all doors and hatchbacks are secure when you activate the alarm.

Consider establishing a Neighborhood Watch group through the Crime Prevention Unit.
Police departments encourage citizens to call 911 immediately to report any suspicious person(s), car(s) or activity. Strange cars circling a neighborhood or cars parked occupied for an extended period of time are suspicious cars. Any individual looking in cars or carrying tools in car lots is a suspicious person.