High-Speed Accident: Car Versus Light Pole in Schaumburg

A red corvette was at least 30 feet off the road on the west side of National Parkway with severe damage to the driver door and roof — with air bag deployed Sunday afternoon. The car was apparently southbound on National Parkway just south of the Woodfield Road intersection when it went out of control and hit a large light pole on the west side parkway of National Parkway in Schaumburg.  Debris from the light pole was scattered across National Parkway. Impact damage to the driver’s door and roof would possibly indicate that the corvette either spun about 180 degrees or was airborne and partially inverted when it collided with the light pole. The accident occurred Sunday afternoon.

Arthur D. Kozlowski, age 28, was rescued from the car with fire department extrication procedures, but was pronounced dead after he was transported to Alexian Brothers Medical Center in Elk Grove Village. Schaumburg Police Department blocked northbound and southbound National Parkway between Higgins and Woodfied Road [MAP/SAT] for an extended period of investigation Sunday afternoon while the accident car remained perpendicular to the road behind bushes in an open field.

Arthur Kozlowski is reported to have lived only a few blocks from the accident scene.