FedEx Double Trailer Jackknife, Collision with Police Car in Kentucky

TUE FEB 13 2007 7:29 PM CST — With icy conditions on I-71/75 Erlanger, Kentucky [MAP/SAT] in Kenton County, Erlanger police officer Bill Allen pulled over to assist a single car spinout stopped near the median after it hit the center dividing wall. Officer Bill Allen’s police cruiser’s video camera shows the eventful night, which surprisingly ended with only minor injuries.

As the officer goes to assist the single car spinout driver and check the welfare of occupants of that vehicle (Officer Allen is heard asking if the driver is alright), a second automobile slams into the cruiser and spins it and its camera view 180 degrees into the middle lane facing oncoming traffic. The camera blanks out and goes static on impact of the second automobile. The video signal resumes in the new 180 degree turn position. Then Officer Allen realizes that a semi-trailer truck is approaching the scene out of control with an impending impact to the cars of the existing accident scene. The officer helps people get out of harms way.  Next you see an approaching FedEx tractor trailer sliding and jackknifing into one car and then hitting the police cruiser.