Coyotes Cause Trouble at O’Hare

About one year after coyotes were trapped and removed from the north side of Arlington Heights, the FAA reported two incidents occurred Sunday, February 25th, involving aircraft from American Airlines and United Airlines. The planes were about one-quarter mile from the runway when another pilot warned controllers about coyotes near the runways. The pilots had to abort landings at O’Hare and circle around because coyotes posed a risk near the runway.

Coyotes end up on runways or wandering about airport property when perimeter fences are breached, such as when the coyotes burrow under the fences. Coyotes are seen at O’Hare about once or twice a week, The FAA reports that 198 coyotes were hit by planes from 1990 to 2005 and 23 of the coyote impacts with aircraft were in Illinois. Coyotes weigh about 50 pounds and can cause significant damage to aircraft and unsafe conditions.