Aerial View of Indianapolis Police Chase

INDIANAPOLIS MON MAR 13 2007 — Indianapolis Metro Police pursued, caught and arrested 51-year-old Steve Nighbert, who was charged with five counts of fleeing police, five counts of criminal recklessness and possession of paraphernalia. At one point during the chase the suspect drove through the Calvary Temple parking lot [MAP/SAT] and a busy apartment complex at 30th Street and Carnaby Street [MAP/SAT]  At about 7:00 a.m. the suspect, who had a $1500 warrant for criminal trespass, backed out of an apartment complex when he saw officers doing drug surveillance. Officers took notice, and quickly turned to pursuit through streets, intersections, and parking lots until Nighbert was stoppped by police in Lawrence at 45th St and Post Rd [MAP/SAT].

Indianapolis police used a driving chase technique that involves contacting, spinning and pushing the suspect’s car (PIT, Precision Intervention Technique). After several attempts the suspect was stopped. The chase lasted for 28 minutes with speeds reaching at least 60 miles per hour.