Three-Car Accident Entraps Two People on Rand Near Dryden.

Rand & Wilke CRASH  1-6-08  CLICK HERE >>>

An Arlington Heights Fire Department firefighter/paramedic (red vest with star of life) assesses and treats an accident victim while other firefighter/paramedics prepare the damaged car for patient removal.

Arlington Heights Fire Department firefighter/paramedics cut back the roof of a station wagon to free a patient that was trapped in a three-car accident in front of the Sports Page bar in Arlington Heights.

Arlington Heights Fire Department firefighter/paramedics getting out of car — right after completion of extrication — as patient is being taken to the awaiting ambulance in the background. Squad 2 with extrication equipment and one firefighter standing by with a hose line are on the left.

One patient went to Level 1 Trauma Center Lutheran General Hospital for
injuries sustained in a 3-car accident on Rand Rd. just east of Dryden [MAP/SAT].
Two other patients were transported to Northwest Community Hospital
about 8:20 p.m. Wednesday night. The accident, which trapped two people
in their cars, occurred just before 8:00 p.m. Wednesday night. The roof
of one car was removed to free one of the injured patients. The other patient was freed by a simple extrication. Three Arlington Heights Fire Department ambulances and one Buffalo Grove Fire Department ambulance responded to this accident. Firefighters and paramedics worked in frigid weather (6 F degrees) and performed the extrication with heavy rescue tools in less than 15 minutes.

UPDATE: Nicholas Poto, 17, died the following morning from injuries he sustained in this accident. He lived less than a mile from the location of the accident and was pronounced dead at 10:30 a.m. Thursday. He was headed west on Rand Road when he lost control of his car, crossed the center line and was struck by a mini-van and then an SUV. The mini-van driver was also hospitalized in this accident.

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