One Paramedic to Another: You Do Have the Keys, Right?

Tell me it isn’t so. The patient we just brought out of the doctor’s office is in the ambulance and neither one of us paramedics have the keys to the locked ambulance?

That’s what happened to an unlucky patient and two paramedics working for a private ambulance company last month on north Arlington Heights Road in Arlington Heights, Illinois. The paramedics had just loaded the patient into their ambulance after responding to a call at a doctor’s office on Arlington Heights Road on a cold, winter night in January. Somehow both paramedics ended up outside the locked ambulance with the patient inside the locked ambulance. The embarrassed paramedics had to call 911 to get help from the Arlington Heights Police Department and Arlington Heights Fire Department paramedics.

Oddly enough, the same thing happened in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant in Elk Grove Village earlier in the month. Don’t know if it was the same paramedics or the same private ambulance company, but that one would require a little more ‘splaining to do!