More Apple iPhone Details Emerge from Careful Observations

Four iPhone details regarding (1) the Calendar app, (2) Directions and Traffic on Google maps, (3) Scrolling and Navigation of alphabetical lists, and (4) Ringtones; have emerged from careful observation of Steve Jobs’ MacWorld presentation in January 2007. A report by summarizes these observations with a YouTube presentation (see below).

The iPhones Calendar app wasn’t finished at the MacWorld Expo in January, but a screen shot used on the demo on the projected large screen did show details of how the Calendar app might work.

Steve Jobs’ Google maps demo didn’t show how traffic and getting directions might work, but a screen shot that reiterated the live demo showed an interface that looked slightly different than the live demo annd hinted to how directions and traffic might work.

Scrolling by flicking the finger looks really cool, but a sharp observer noticed that a tap on an alphabetic letter column along the right side of the iPhone screen helps you jump right to the letter category that you are searching.

A few more details emerged about ringtones by clues revealed during the MacWorld Expo, even though Steve Jobs stated that the details of the ringtone category have “not been decided yet.” An iTunes syncing screen shot shows an interface with tabs for ringtones. Perhaps ringtones will be available through iTunes.