Disaster Report

With the end of Runway 32R/14L in the lower right corner, the approximate flight path of American Airlines Flight 191 on May 25, 1979 at 3:04 p.m. is shown by the red arrow [MAP/SAT]. The crash site was in an empty field just south of the oasis on Interstate 90, just east of the Elmhurst Road entrance.

Disasters, such as the American Airlines DC-10 crash of 1979 that killed 271 on board and two on the ground, are hopefully few and far between. However, the possibility of natural disasters, major accidents and terrorist actions are real dangers.

The Disaster Report is reserved for coverage of disaster events as they unfold, especially in the Chicago metropolitan area. The report is an early fact finder that could help readers monitor early news breaks, but may also contain misleading information, since information is often chaotic as the response to a disaster unfolds.

Follow up with Chicago’s major media outlets for conclusive information and watch for official broadcasts in the event of an emergency. Click Refresh to see the updated list. (This section opened February 13, 2007 — no log entries at this time.)