Cirque Du Soleil Pregame Show at Super Bowl XLI

An Acrobat leaves the ground on giant balloons during the pre-game show at Dolphin Stadium.

The Cirque Du Soleil Pregame Show at Super Bowl XLI was excellent, as anticipated. The sound system was concert quality, not stadium quality. Louie Vega’s  band provided the music, which was excellent and, of course, Cirque Du Solei was up to their tricks and surprising style of dance and gymnastics.

Palm trees, ocean waves, fishes, helmets, footballs, birds and flowers blend a unifying visual signature by renowned pop-artist Romero Britto. Two marching bands, one dressed in Chicago Bear’s uniforms, and one dressed in Indianapolis Colt’s uniforms, marched the field. The band played with the Louie Vega band, which was on stage in a corner of the football field.

Marching Chicago Bears percussion session with the Cirque du Soleil.