AOL: Go Back to the Drawing Board

Dear AOL,

If you want to be back on top again in the Internet world, here are a few suggestions for the America Online service:

Fix your HTML and CSS coding so that your pictures show up properly in the Apple Macintosh versions of your own AOL software and in Apple’s Safari browser. The picture almost always are cut in half or are superimposed right over the copy of the article.

Bring on indefinite storage of e-mails. Expiring e-mails after one month is pretty lame, especially for paying customers.

Re-design your e-mail interface that is available on browsers. Take notes from Yahoo! mail. Hint: Don’t just stick the ‘Write Mail’ button anywhere. Have some logical reason for your design and placement of buttons and commands.

Allow more e-mails to be displayed on each page — 20 max is lame. Also, having a scroll bar displayed when there aren’t anymore e-mails down low, is NOT cute.

Increase the speed of your mail servers.