Traffic Tricks

The image above in the upper left corner shows a RIGHT TURN ONLY pavement marking that is an ‘exit only’ that is often disregarded … see more here.

Have you ever driven you car and wondered if the sign and/or pavement markings you just saw seemed a little ridiculous … or maybe the design lacked in traffic efficiency … or was maybe even dangerous? The column below is here to take note of confusing situations in Arlington Heights and some communities nearby in streets, public driveways, commercial driveways and parking lots.

The ‘Traffic Tricks’ log is not a criticism directed at the dedicated traffic designers and planners of the Village of Arlington Heights, but is meant to point out the irony that drivers face as users of street and traffic design in the complex world of design and real world use.  It is a difficult job to design roadways and maintain roadways for efficiency and safety. Construction of a new parking lot, driveway or street involves a myriad of tasks, including compliance with Department of Transportation (DOT) and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) guidlines, prevention of traffic congestion, prevention of residential noise and pollution, minimizing costs of compliance to business owners and more. After all these considerations, sometimes the user experience for the driver, cyclist or pedestrian just doesn’t seem to make sense.

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