A Sample of the Highest Ranking Websites


The following is a list of websites with a high PageRank as assigned by the Google search engine. PageRank (PR) is the number of points out of ten that signifies the importance of a site to Google. The PageRank number appears to be logarithmic, with a single point representing an order of magnitude difference of importance. See Wikipedia’s PageRank entry for more information.

This list is a portion of all PageRank 9 and 10 pages derived from the Google Toolbar, which displays the PageRank of a web page currently displayed by a browser. The exact PageRank may vary slightly, due to changes in ranking by Google, or by local differences through use of different Google servers or through DNS behavior (e.g., google.com may redirect to its regional sites, which may have lower PageRank). Redirects from a high PageRank page may reduce the redirected page’s PageRank.

The Google search engine can list pages with a high PageRank by searching common keywords such as http, www, the, a, etc.


PageRank 10

(*): These websites are linked from W3.org, which automatically gave them a PageRank of 10, even if they do not have much traffic or incoming links.


PageRank 9