Man Kicked Out of Fitness Center for Grunting

The Planet Fitness Gym in Wappingers Falls, New York kicked out a man for ‘grunting’ out loud while doing a heavy squat exercise. A list of ‘don’ts’ reinforces a marketing focus for the club to have a reputation as a relaxed, non-intimidating environment. Those rules include No Grunting; No Gallon Water Jugs;  No Jeans, Workboot, Sandals; No Do-Rags, Bandanas, Skull Caps; No Deadlifting and No Picture Cell Phones. They have even posted a forum with negative and positive reaction to the news about the man who was removed late October 2006. Is the member ejection a publicity stunt? The company claims several members are kicked out every year for violating its etiquette policy that discourages so-called ‘musclehead behavior.’

There is even a ‘lunk alarm’ with a flashing light and siren ready to signal lunk behavior. ‘Lunk’ is defined as a slang noun — one who grunts, drop (sic) weights, or judges.

Planet Fitness is located in several states nationwide and in two suburbs in the Chicago area:

Addison, IL
1445 West Lake St.
(Next to Marcus Theater)
Addison, IL 60101
Phone: 630.953.4961

Naperville, IL
1163 East Ogden Ave.
Naperville, IL 60563
Phone: 630.416.7200