Burglaries at Arlington Heights Fitness Centers

Possessions are at risk at health club parking lots and locker rooms in
Arlington Heights. Especially during the holiday season when people are
distracted, it is easier for thieves to take advantage of victims.

In parking lots, thieves are breaking into the passenger side windows of cars that have
valuables such as purses and iPods visible on the front seat.

In locker rooms, thieves bring small bolt cutters and cut the locks off
of locker doors. In worst case scenarios they grab wallets with cash and
credit cards and steal identities. They can also grab car keys in
lockers and steal automobiles from the parking lot of the fitness

Take the following precautions:

Don’t leave keys, purses or wallets in a locker — even if its locked.

Don’t leave your locker unlocked — even for a short time to take a

Don’t leave your wallet or purse in your car — especially where they are visible
through a window.

The safest place for valuables is probably in secure pockets or in on-body
storage apparel.