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Amazing: Scotty Allen Says He Made an iPhone from Parts from Various Parts Markets in Huaqiangbei, China

Scotty Allen built a like-new (but really refurbished) iPhone 6S 16GB entirely from parts he bought in the public cell phone parts markets of Huaqiangbei in China. Scotty Allen of set out to build […] news curator and aggregation website -- US and World News.
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Houston Car Salesman Kidnapped During Test Drive; Chinese Erect Giant Gold Mao Statue; Donald Fagen Arrest; Sculpture of Lincoln’s Hand Stolen from Kankakee Museum

Houston Car Salesman Beaten, Kidnapped During Test Drive, But Escapes; Chinese Villagers Erect Giant Gold Mao Statue; Donald Fagen, Lead Singer of Steely Dan Arrested on Charges of Harassment, Assault in Possible Domestic Incident in […] news curator and aggregation website -- US and World News.
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Man Found Alive After 60 Hours in China Landslide; Scurvy, TB & Scarlet Fever; Another Chipotle E. coli Outbreak; Odell Beckham Suspended

Man Found Alive After Over 60 Hours in China Landslide; Scurvy, TB and Scarlet Fever Return; Chipotle Linked to Another E. coli Outbreak; NY Giants Odell Beckham Suspended 1 Game • TUE DEC 22, 2015 […]

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Chinese President Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin Preside Over Large Military Parade As the Chinese Navy Sits in International Waters Near Alaska

China has a massive military parade displaying the latest long-range weapons. CNN’s Jim Sciutto reports. CNN outlined some of the assets designed specifically to target US assets … DF-5B “Guam Killer” intercontinental ballistic missile designed […]

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Video Shows Massive Explosions in Tianjin, China; Distraught Survivors Demand to See Pics on CNN Reporter’s Phone

Officials say dozens are confirmed dead after an explosion in the northern Chinese port city of Tianjin. CNN’s Will Ripley reports. According to the Tianjin government, more than 700 people were injured by the explosion […]

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VIDEO Rollover Crash: Tanker Truck Explosion Kills Three Firefighters in Huaihua City in Hunan Province, China

CCTV Video Surveillance captures explosion and shockwave that killed three firefighters and destroyed fire vehicles. A gas tanker that exploded killing three firefighters in central China on Saturday was still burning a day later, according […]