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Please note Facebook previously frequently censored CARDINAL NEWS shares from third party news sources. The most ridiculous suspension was apparently caused by a false trigger by a Facebook algorithm that was involved in blocking a routine Portillo’s hot dog meal photo that was shared. CARDINAL NEWS thinks the Facebook algorithm thought that hot dog was something else with a similar shape. Since censorship has often involved inconvenient suspensions, CARDINAL NEWS has de-activated almost ALL Cardinal News Facebook pages that shared articles from third party news sources that might be at risk of causing additional suspensions. The important Facebook pages are still available. See for a list of active Facebook pages. The ones with the blue box and a checkmark are active.

In August 2019 Facebook went as far back as July 2017 to find shares by CARDINAL NEWS that Facebook claimed violated Community Standards. Two of the shares that caused a suspension were immediately reversed by Facebook following a one-time allowed appeal for each “offense.” The social media company replied “Sorry, sometimes we get it wrong.” One other alleged violation was not reversed, but after studying the specific Community Standards that Facebook claimed were violated, CARDINAL NEWS did not agree that any Community Standards were violated. Facebook has no customer service and does not respond to appeals beyond the single allowance for an appeal.

While Facebook has a potentially efficient newsfeed, actual implementation is flawed because of false violation triggers and capricious rulings that result in suspensions that interrupt communications between CARDINAL NEWS and readers.

Facebook suspensions have at times caused readership to drop by as much 50-55 percent. As a business decision, CARDINAL NEWS can not count on Facebook as a reliable social media service, and is seeking numerous alternative social media and notification services and methods. Fortunately, new methods of interacting with readers WITHOUT Facebook have showed signs of being robust.

Check back on this SUBSCRIPTIONS page to see if CARDINAL NEWS improves the subscription service and if interaction with Facebook improves.

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