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The 24/7 News Flash! category contains news on FIRE/RESCUE/EMS topics. Get the news and learn about the operations of modern fire department services, which include fire suppression, rescue, technical rescue, dive/team water rescue, hazmat, emergency medical services and more.

Information about the office that receives emergency calls.

Crash Video
Information on crash from around the world with videos with an emphasis on safety and prevention.

Disaster Report

Reports on major disasters.

The FIRE BLOG is the 24/7 news report of fire-rescue-EMS news for Arlington Heights and the immediate surrounding suburbs.

Fire Prevention
Information and videos on fire prevention topics.

Fire Video
Firefighting videos.

Live Police/Fire Scanners!
A selection of live police, fire and air traffic radio frequencies.

Rescue Video
Information on rescues from around the world with videos.

Water Safety
Information on water safety and water rescues.

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