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Steven Ross, Author Hollywood Left and Right: How Movie Stars Shaped Politics

Ben Stein on being a Republican: A producer said he would not be on the if Ben Stein’s name would be on the project.

Siri Garber, President Platform PR on the price of liberal charity dinners.

Hollywood and Washington DC
Mark Dice: “Amazing power what celebrities have over the political process … Hollywood is a key of the Illumanati’s power.”

Worldwide New Order or Entertainment Illuminati opinion makers, political power, banking industry. Adam Weissop new if you can shape a society, you can control the information.

Bohemian Grove, 2700 acre security controlled redwood forest grove, surrounded by police and private security. Founded by actor Henry Edwards in 1872. Now is a who’s who of America’s political powerhouses captains of industry, banking bigwigs, and media moguls

Jonathan Berman, Producer/Director, Commune: Bohemian Grove is a place where decisions are made, like summer camp for white rich dudes.

Key players in the news industry and in the entertainment industry — the people who decide is going to run for political office.

Mark Dice: Bilderburg conference acts as a secret society which meets without a word from mainstream media.

Jonathan Davis, Lead Singer KORN

drugs handed out like h’orderves, underground sex clubs where anything goes, fringe religions that promote prostitution, private meetings between politicians and celebrities.

Berman: “Anything demons want to do on this earth has already been done in Hollywood.”

Mark Ebner: Everyone likes to play poker, but when the house takes money in the Los Angeles area, it’s illegal. Toby Maguire was running a very high stakes game and Molly Bloom was the organizer, says Ebner.

John J. Nazarian: Bottom line is when you are wealthy and you have a certain amount of fame to your name, you tend to get away with a lot of stuff.

Jonathan Berman: People think there is this military community, intelligence community, oil business, bankers headed by Steven Speilberg

Secret Societies of Hollywood Documentary