If you want to get the most out of Facebook with the least annoyances, you need to know about LIKES and FOLLOWS.

When you LIKE a profile or page, you will start seeing posts in your NEWS FEED. You might end up seeing too many posts from a particular profile or page in your NEWS FEED, or you might not see enough. The instructions below help you get your NEWS FEED under control.

To follow a profile or Page:

1. Go to the profile or Page

2. Click or Touch Follow (just below/left from Cover Photo)

To unfollow a profile or Page:

1. Go to the profile or Page

2. HOVER OVER or TOUCH “Following”

Select Unfollow (on a profile) or Unfollow this Page

To change your following status of a profile or Page you have already LIKED or FOLLOWED:

1. Go to the profile or Page

2. HOVER OVER or TOUCH “Following”

You will see three choices for your NEWS FEED …

(a) See First, (b) Default, (c) Unfollow

3. Select one of the three choices for your NEWS FEED

(Using “page(s)” to define “page(s)” or “profile(s)”)

See First is the selection for a page that you give priority to your NEWS FEED. You will see a greater portion of posts from this page and other pages that are given the “See First” selection. You are less likely to miss posts from pages with “See First” selected.

Default is the selection that is “Middle of the Road” … you will see some posts, but you are more likely to miss some post from pages with “Default” selected.

Unfollow is the selection for a page when you don’t want to see posts from that page or profile. If you want to remember a page but not see it’s posts, it’s a good idea to keep it LIKED, but select “Unfollow.”

Keep in mind your mood might change in the course of your life. You might get stressed out or tired of politics and “Unfollow” a page with frequent political posts for awhile. Instead, you might want to focus on beautiful images or travel ideas for an upcoming vacation. You can get in the habit of select See First, Default, or Unfollow. It’s often better to Unfollow a page rather than UNLIKE a page so that it is easier to recall a LIKED page by checking your list (Facebook.com/pages/?category=liked). See more about seeing your Friends list and pages you LIKE below the ad below.

You can also FOLLOW a page without LIKING a page. Let’s say you want to learn about an opposing politician, but you don’t want your friends to see that you LIKED that politician. Maybe you don’t want them to get the wrong idea. Instead, just FOLLOW.

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When you follow a profile or Page, you will probably begin seeing updates from that person’s Profile or Page in your NEWS FEED. If you’re friends with someone, you automatically follow them. If you send someone a friend request who allows everybody to follow them, you’ll automatically follow their posts.

See Who You’re Following
You can alway see the People and Pages you’re following by clicking Friends below your cover photo, then hovering over More in the Friends section and scrolling down to select Following. If you don’t see Following, it means you’re not following anyone yet.