Every day you’ll have the chance to CHIME IN on the official Arlingtoncardinal.com Facebook page — Facebook.com/ArlingtonCardinal …

Anything goes (unless it’s against the law, involves bullying or harassment or privacy issues, contains over-the-top sexual content (no nudity) , promotes illegal drug use or drug abuse, promotes tobacco use, promotes excessive alcohol use, promotes illegal activities such as stealing or hacking web sites, or is excessively violent or weapon-related) …

Suggestions …
Complain about the weather, or share a cool weather pic.
Compliment a restaurant.
Recommend a business.
Politics anyone?
Pick the biggest celebrity loser of the day.
Share some news.
Educate us.
Share a picture.
Share a health tip.
Share a health warning or food recall alert.
Be a fashion critic.
Announce an event.
Show your appreciation or congratulate someone for a deed well done.

The Facebook entry for each day will begin with …
CHIME IN: [date]

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