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1977 — the 77th year of the 20th century, and the 8th year of the 1970s decade.

January – The world’s first all-in-one home computer (keyboard/screen/tape storage), the Commodore PET, is demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago. CES moved to Chicago in 1971 for a run until 1977 — the last year in the show was in Chicago, most likely because of the bitter cold winter. (Also on January 3 – Apple Computer is incorporated.)

January 4
Mary Shane is hired by the Chicago White Sox as the first woman TV play-by-play announcer.

February 6
Fire destroys Goldblatts’s store in a strip mall at Rand Road and Central Road in Mount Prospect.

April 7
The Toronto Blue Jays play their first Major League Baseball game against the Chicago White Sox. The Toronto Blue Jays play their first game in franchise history, in the snow, defeating the Chicago White Sox 9-5 at Exhibition Stadium in Toronto.

June 7
The Chicago White Sox select Harold Baines with the number one pick in the draft. White Sox owner Bill Veeck had first seen Baines play Little League ball and had followed his career.

June 22
Michael A. Bilandic took office as permanent mayor on June 22, 1977. Due to the sudden death of mayor Richard J. Daley, Bilandic was selected by Chicago city council to served as acting mayor for six months until this election on December 20, 1976.

Chicago White Sox vs Minnesota Twins July 1977 Old Comiskey Park with First Place at stake.

July 19
For the first time since 1906 both Chicago Major League Baseball teams were in first place at the All-Star break. However the Cubs, who had a 47-22 won-lost record at one point, skidded during the second half of the season to a mediocre 81-81 won-lost record. The Chicago White Sox, although succeeding in winning 90 games, were quickly overwhelmed by the run-away AL West Division winner Kansas City Royals in September.

August 7
In the second game of a doubleheader at Wrigley Field, Mick Kelleher of the Chicago Cubs and Dave Kingman the San Diego Padres are involved in a bench-clearing brawl—a melee with a rare mismatch between the two major combatants. The 6-6, 210-pound Kingman, apparently angered over being hit by a Steve Renko pitch leading off the second inning, responds by sliding hard into Kelleher, the Cubs’ 5-9, 170-pound second baseman, on George Hendrick’s ground ball one batter later. Kelleher responds by jumping onto Kingman’s back and pummeling him with blows. Both Kelleher and Kingman are ejected from the game, which the Cubs win 9-4.

“Baby, What a Big Surprise” — a power ballad written by Peter Cetera for the group Chicago — released. “Baby, What a Big Surprise” was recorded from April to June in 1977 for their album Chicago XI (1977), with Cetera singing lead vocals; and was the first single released from that album. “Baby, What a Big Surprise” reached number 4 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart

September 25
The first race was held on September 25, 1977 with a field of 4,200 runners under the original name the Mayor Daley Marathon.

3rd Place Chicago White Sox Won 90 Lost 72 (.556) GB 12.0
4th Place Chicago Cubs Won 81 Lost 81 (.500) GB 20.0

November 20
Walter Payton led the entire NFL in rushing (1,852 yards), and 275 of those 1,852 yards were attained on a dark, rainy November 20 game against the Minnesota Vikings at Soldier Field while Payton was sick with the flu.

December 26
Chicago Bears lose the Divisional Playoff to the Dallas Cowboys 37-7 on December 26, 1977 in Dallas in front of 62,920 spectators.

Chicago Bears finished 2nd in standings in the NFC Central with 9 wins, 5 losses, 0 ties (.643) 6–1 (Division) 8–4 (Conference), 255 total points scored, 253 total points allowed, and finished with a winning streak of 6.

One of the worst snow seasons for Chicago. A total of 82.3 inches of snow fell during the 1977-1978 Winter season, ranking #2 all time. The winter season also included a record 43 days below freezing, from December 28-February 8.


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The first regular season game in Blue Jays’ history. This is an ESPN Classic edited broadcast.

Peter Cetera – Baby What a Big Surprise, soundstage.

The Year is 1977 …

President Jimmy Carter pardons Vietnam War draft dodgers.

President Carter threatens to reduce foreign aid to countries with human rights violations.

President Carter calls for major effort toward energy conservation.

President Carter signs two Panama Canal Treaties.

Alaska pipeline begins flowing oil.

Severe drought leads to water rationing on West Coast.

Alex Haley’s Roots is presented on ABC as a mini-series to over 100 million viewers.

U-2 spy plane pilot Francis Gary Powers dies in the crash of a Los Angeles television station helicopter.

A Lake-Dan Ryan L Train turns the corner at the Lake-Wabash curve and rear-ends a Ravenswood L Train. Four train cars fall to the street below killing 11 people (February 4).

Candy heiress Helen Brach disappears from her home in Glenview, Illinois. She is declared legally dead in May 1984.

Walter Payton’s 275-yard single-game rushing record breaks the 273-yard record set by O.J. Simpson.

Super Bowl XI
Oakland 32, Minnesota 14