Welcome to the official Power User Page for news site, The Cardinal — Arlingtoncardinal.com.

You can access THIS page directly at …

Arlingtoncardinals.com, or


(Notice the “s” … Arlingtoncardinals in the first, and Arlingtoncardinal in the second.)

The power page includes information on how to find information on Arlingtoncardinal.com and the network of Arlington Cardinal websites.

Your access to information locally in Arlington Heights and globally worldwide is enhanced by knowing how to use …





More info coming soon!

As a power user, you have the choice of going directly to pages and articles and lists or categories that give you access directly to the target that you want.

There are two ways to get to power pages … by subdomain or by directory.

subdomain = weather.arlingtoncardinals.com
directory = arlingtoncardinal.com/weather

For example, here is the subdomain weather.arlingtoncardinals.com. The convenience is that your browser will remember “weather” so as soon as you start typing … w-e-a-t … your browser will finish to weather.arlingtoncardinals.com.

There are more directory power pages than subdomain power pages. There are 100 subdomain power pages.

A list of power user pages is coming soon.