If you are aware of a significant emergency involving POLICE and/or FIRE/RESCUE/EMS (and 9-1-1 has already been called), please submit a tip by any of the following methods of your choice …

Forms available that guide you to submit information we need to know.

Submit your tip by commenting in the comment section of the “pinned” post at the top of the timeline.

Send text message to TIP-EXT-0123 (847-398-0123)

These services are monitored most of the day and night, but are not monitored 24 hours per day. You may not get an immediate reply.

#1) Call 9-1-1 or make sure 9-1-1 is called before submitting information to CARDINAL EMERGENCIES 911 Priority Alerts

#2) Report an incident that you have witnessed, or

#3) Share or report any information from traditional media (TV, radio, newspaper) or social media (Facebook, Twitter, Neighbors app, NextDoor, etc.)

#4) Try to post your message as a statement with time instead of a question (e.g., “Lots of police and ambulances at Route 53 and Dundee Rd” at 2:00 p.m. rather than “What’s going on at Route 53 and Dundee Rd”)

#5) Avoid posting routine traffic incidents unless there is a major incident. But don’t be shy. If you think it’s major, post it.

#6) Avoid posting minor incidents, but if you think it’s major or significant, please post it.

At the end of an active incident period (or at the end of a period of time with multiple active incidents), a new post with a clean slate will be pinned to the top of the timeline. A new post won’t be created and pinned to the top of the timeline unless older incidents in the comments section need to be cleared.

User-submitted comments from the Facebook timeline will be archived with user names removed for privacy.