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Owner of Medical Supply Company Accused of Price Gouging N-95 Mask During COVID-19 Pandemic; Selling Masks at Markup of 185% to 367%

185 The owner of a medical supply company based in Skokie, Illinois was accused Thursday, October 8, 2020 of illegally price gouging customers seeking to purchase scarce N-95 masks after accumulating tens of thousands of […]

Trash can fire after passerby moved burning can away from underneath garage soffit at home on Euclid Avenue in Arlington Heights

Passerby Pulls Burning Trash Can from Under Garage Soffit, Prevents House Fire on Euclid Ave Near Prindle Ave, Arlington Heights

456 Passerby moves burning trash can away from an attached garage, and prevents a house fire in the middle of the night on Euclid Avenue near Prindle Avenue, Arlington Heights. Police and firefighter/paramedics from Arlington […]