Ozzie Guillen ‘Guillotine’ for Reckless Mouth?

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Dear Paul B,

Ozzie Guillen should not be taken seriously. So many people are trying to send him to prison for nothing. He is harmless, and probably not very bright. We all know that he is a manager of a baseball team, so why is it important to hear him speak about Castro or any other leader of any other country. I tune all this junk out, so people should just calm down and pay it no matter. What is your viewpoint here, Paul B?



Dear Cass,

Thanks for writing. I have to admit that yes, Ozzie is not the “brightest candle on the cake.” (If he were, we would all be in deep doodoo.) He is a baseball manager, nothing more and mostly likely quite a bit less. He cannot stifle himself when a microphone is near to him. Did he have to comment about Fidel Castro? Was it necessary to demonstrate his love, affection and respect for such a tyrant, killer and madman? If Ozzie were Cuban, how would HE feel about such a dictator? However, Ozzie DID speak, and he should suffer the worst consequences, from my standpoint. He works on behalf of a franchise that pays him (I find this hard to believe) $10 million for ONLY four years (or 20 months in baseball speak.) He has a responsibility to his boss (bosses) the players, AND the community that support Guillen and the Marlins. To say this community is “overly sensitive” to his love for Castro, is an extreme understatement. How angry was I when Marge Schott (the late managing general partner, president and CEO of the Cincinnati Reds at the time,) when she stated that “Hitler started out with some great ideas.” Which ideas were those, Marge? Was it the plan to murder over 6 million Jews, overrun Europe, cause the deaths of 14 million others with his maniacal plans of conquest, or perhaps you were speaking about his choice of brown for the SS? I am pretty certain that it was NOT the latter (although I always liked brown.) His aforementioned plans were made public in his book, “Mein Kampf” in 1924. He was the personification of evil then. For the record, Marge Schott was “censured” for TWO YEARS for these statements. It was a fair punishment, in my mind.

Celebrities, like Mel Gibson, Jimmy the Greek, and other IDIOTS cannot just say what they want without consequences. When Hitler rattled his saber early on, leaders from Europe (except Churchill) dismissed it as “just a phase,” or “not to be taken seriously.” I have no patience for Ozzie, Mel, Marge, Ahmadinejad, Putin or other racist XXXXX’s. It always begins that way, doesn’t it?
BTW, how does one “misinterpret” LOVE no matter what language you’re speaking. Ozzie has lived in the U.S. for 38 years, so I seriously doubt his “confusion” with the word love. Ozzie, just admit that you love dictators who HATE AMERICA, as you demonstrated your LOVE for Hugo Chavez, while in Chicago. It’s o.k. with me, just don’t expect ME to pay $90 per ticket to see you manage MY TEAM for $10,000,000. Maybe Castro will invite you to dinner when you’re out of work. I have no problem with that! Baseball has been “berry, berry good to you,” and you have just SPIT IN ITS COLLECTIVE FACE! Shame on you, Ozzie Guillen. Your mouth finally caught up to you…

Paul B


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